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Decorate our Christmas Tree with CoDrone Mini

Decorate our Christmas Tree with CoDrone Mini


1hr multiple-family shared group session. $20 entry includes your ENTIRE household.

Decorate our Christmas Tree with CoDrone Mini

  • Help Leila (one of our best instructors!) decorate our Christmas tree with mini drones
  • 1 hour virtual CoDrone Mini coding session
  • Great for siblings and parents who want to try their hand at coding!
  • No prior coding experience needed
  • Start with drone code, then customize it to make it your own!
  • 4 students per class

Class Details

 Grades: 3+ but younger students can work with a parent or older sibling

 Computer Requirements: Windows, Mac, Chromebook with Chrome Browser

 Skill Level: Beginner

Virtually pilot a CoDrone Mini in our office and learn the basics of drone coding so you can decorate our Christmas tree! Since a typical session would take longer than a single hour to run, we'll provide you with the basic code, then we'll teach you how to pilot your drone. Learn how your code can make a drone roll, pitch, yaw, and throttle, and flash the LED lights whatever colors you'd like to make our Christmas tree pretty!

What to expect

The best instructors! We choose the best instructors to inspire you and your student! Robolink certified instructors are engineering and coding students from major universities or tech education professionals. Each instructor has to pass a rigorous training program to ensure your student has the best experience!

Download link for your Zoom session and software! Before your class starts, you'll receive a link to your Zoom class, download link for any software with installation instructions so you can have everything ready to start right away!

Wrap-up survey after class! We want to make the best classes that fit your needs. After our groups session, we'll send you an optional survey to fill out so we can keep providing you with the best experience!

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