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Holiday Camps


When school is on break but you're still at work, your child can explore our group mini camps! These laid-back sessions are perfect for any student who wants to learn a new skill, test the waters of a new program, or just have fun.

Learn from home, right now - anywhere in the world!

Our Virtual Mini Camps meet 1.5hrs Monday - Wednesday over the holiday break, giving your child group time with friends for both coding and hands-on activities. 

This isn't school.

Children spend a lot of time on the computer with structured learning. To give your child a break while keeping them engaged, all our activities are fun challenges, giving our students plenty of time to make, play, and show-off. 

The best part is: this camp doesn't interfere with our Virtual 1-on-1 and Group classes since it's all activities based on a Holiday theme. Your child can take both!